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For Father’s Day weekend Jay and his Dad went camping and rafting at the Nantahala River in North Carolina.  It was their first father/son trip together and I was excited for them, but nervous as well.  I’ve been whitewater rafting once (Chatooga River, north GA), and this is how it turned out….

me rafting

Find me in the picture yet? I’m the one in the water. See the guide in the back laughing? I’m thinking she totally did that on purpose. Notice I’m still trying to paddle.

Jason, on the other hand, is a whitewater enthusiast and tries to go rafting at least once a year in north Georgia and West Virginia to the Gauley, where the big boys go. I’ve seen pictures of those trips, and it’s pretty scary stuff. But he assured me that this was a kid-friendly river and that the water was practically smooth as glass.
After seeing this picture I realized that he might not have been 100% forthcoming…


Good thing Jason is such an experienced rafter…..



Whoops– did Mr. Extreme Paddler, Class 5 Rapids just get taken out by a KIDDIE river? Jay was so proud of himself when he later told me that his Dad had fallen out of the boat but he hadn’t.


Looking around for his dignity the great big condor that must have swooped down and knocked him out of the raft.


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